Featured Engagements

November 2, 2023
tall man and woman in green dress kiss against the tressle in the senate rose gardens in canberra
Amid the blooming roses at the Sentate Gardens
const searchread_654ded6de910e61f98ed8c3e = `Engagement Emily + Liam's Engagement Session Senate Gardens, Old Parliament House L...
September 14, 2023
close up shot of an engaged couple's hands interwined showing off a diamond engagement ring
Country Vibe Spring Engagement Session at Blundells Cottage
const searchread_650985719629c41bf0261d96 = `Engagement Country Vibe Engagement at Blundells Cottage September 14, 2023 Spri...
September 1, 2023
shorter blonde woman with man hugging her from behind kissing her on the head
Australian wattles and a spring engagement at the National Arboretum
const searchread_64f58180b1eb79220474a0b9 = `Engagement Amy + Damon National Australian Arboretum - Canberra Welcome Spring! I c...
June 10, 2023
couple standing on the rocks by and ocean with their foreheads together in a loving embrance
Romantic Sunset engagement of Sydney Harbour
const searchread_648d1353a7983a6a44ca9728 = `Engagement Natalie + Dan June 10, 2023 I can't wait to tell you about the stunning ...
June 3, 2023
a couple working along a grassy hillside with a golden sunset behind them
Winter Sunset at the National Arboretum in Canberra
const searchread_6484fe23abe1132c9408b5fd = `Canberra Tyesha + Daniel June 3, 2023 As a photographer, I always feel excited when...
May 26, 2023
man lifting a blonde woman in a green dress under a tree with red leaves
Red lined lake front in the parliamentary triangle
const searchread_647058e46473096b08bd7e19 = `Engagement Will + Jayde Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra If you are looking for a simp...
March 28, 2023
man lifts woman into the light and gives her a kiss
Jess and Michael Engagement Session
const searchread_642266326fdbb03d6825c165 = `So the first time I met Jess and Michael was at Goodberrys. It is the best weeknigh...
March 23, 2023
a woman in a taupe engagement dress looks at her husband to be among autumn colours
Engaged at the National Carillon in Canberra
const searchread_6423f895f95e461a2888c847 = `Andrew + Stephanie National Carillion Engagement I don't know how I have not shot...
March 18, 2023
man and woman sitting on a log over hanging a creek
Aussie bushland engagement at Gibraltar River
const searchread_64224124db70c844ec77a0c4 = `Engagement Karla + Jared Gibraltar River When it comes to working with a couple on ...
February 10, 2023
Lauren and Paul’s Engagement Session
This session was full of romantic vibes! After ten years together, Lauren and Paul danced away as if they had just fallen in love....