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life as a professional creative

Wedding and portrait photography is the latest passion in my long lasting creative career. I trained in television production and worked for Network 10 for a decade. I bought my first full frame Canon DSLR purely to use the video functions. Since it could also take photos, I figured I should give it a try. That was 10 years ago. Now photography has superseded the amount of video work I do.

sunset at Ghost Lake Calgary Airdrie Cochrane Wedding Photographer

If you love light and airy photography then my style is for you. I like clean, classic and candid work. The majority of my work is natural light based, but I own and know how to use off camera flash to get the most coverage from sun up and past sundown.

I am an affordable Canberra wedding and portrait photographer and videographer who brings professionalism, expert advice and true quality to your session.

ethereal says everything about my style


Formal Education


I completed a Bachelor of Communication (Media and Multimedia Production) many years ago. It was a fantastic foundation of learning creative principles, design and video production that gave me and entry in a in television broadcast. I did a major stream in communications, creative writing and television production.

I spent a semester abroad at the University of North Carolina (Greensboro) where I was able to participate in their award winning film production programs.

I have done less formal training as my career progressed, constantly having to update my knowledge as the technology of my sector as progressed.


16 years in practice


I have been behind a camera my whole career. I specialize in story creation. I worked across many sectors of television broadcast; from programming and publicity to live news and sport production. I came to Canada 10 years ago on a sabbatical to teach water-skiing, but got a DSLR put in my hands being asked to help re brand the business. After doing a summer of photography and video, I decided I wanted to learn more about using DSLRs for production. I got my first Canon 6D and kit lens. I started to learn and practice on my travels. I discovered how much I loved photographing people. I continued in television at CTV and then took a teaching contract at SAIT and then Red Deer College. All the while I continued as a hobbyist photographer. I did not start charging until I was 100% I could achieve the level of quality my clients deserved.


canon Lover


In July 2020, the newest Canon mirrorless cameras were announced. By September, I had a Canon EOS R5 in my hands. Its photography and video capabilities cannot be surpassed. The image quality it produced is immaculate. I continue using Canon because of the amazing colour technology and all photographers can agree they have the best line up of professional 'glass'. I only use fast 'L' series lenses that are the best money can buy. I have continued upgrading to the newest RF lenses specifically designed for Canon's mirrorless cameras. Although an expensive camera does not make a good photographer, you cannot achieve the best image quality without the best equipment, and YOU deserve the best.



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Kali Birks-Gallup Airdrie content creator
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