Liam and Emily Wedding Session
Karla and Jarryd Wedding Session
Liam and Emily Wedding Session
Liam and Emily Wedding Session

Your wedding day happens once. But you can relive it any time you want.

young newly weds on a green hillside with pink sunset on the horizion behind looking romantically at one another while holding hands
full figured bride kissing a bearded groom
bride and groom standing in the gardens of lanyon homestead

Timeless, Romantic, CANDID and real.

Images that reflect what really happened so you can relive how it felt everyday. The goosebumps. The laughter. The first look. The tears. Dancing the night away with your loved ones. All authentically lived.



Amy took a deep breath and tapped him on the shoulder, Adam turned and gasped as he took in the full sight of this treasured woman. The curves of the dress fit her perfectly, but it was her eyes he sought out first. The reassurance that on this day, they would be together for life.


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Karla and Jarryd weren't sure if video was worth the investment at first. After booking me, they added a video package a few months before the wedding day. The next day her mother called to see if I'd caught Karla's father's speech. Yes I did. We cried when he gave it. We cried again watching it in this video.

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One of my favourite gifts to my couples is a sneak peek blog post with some details of the day to share with friends and family. It is a little thank you for choosing me to share in the magic of your wedding day.

Kali R.

photographer with long dark hair standing in front of rocks with a sunset in the background

Family and relationships are at the centre of my philosophy.

The foundation of capturing stunning, joyful, natural images relies on building friendship and trust with my clients. I will support and help you laugh through your photography experience.

I am a local Canberra wedding photographer and videographer with 15 years experience of creating stunning visual stories. I have travelled, lived and worked all over the world. i have a deep respect of culture and religious belief. I would love to serve you wherever you are. I work Australia wide as well as a international destination photographer.

blonde bride in a high neck, long sleeved wedding dress smiling at the camera while her groom gives her a kiss on the forehead

White gold wedding rings and solitaire round cut diamond ring in a wooden box

bride and groom sharing a sweet kiss at sunset among fall leaves and a lake behind

medium close up of a bride and groom under a tree staring lovingly at each other

latino bride with hair half up do looking out a window while sitting in a high back single lounge chair

sri lankan bride and irish groom standing outside the chapel at gold creek in canberra

groom in black suit hugging his bride from behind with autumn forest behind them

groom and groomsmen in black suits walking down a city street between two tall buildings

blue chunky heels strap sandals draped in a white wedding veil

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