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I firmly believe in doing an engagement session with all my couples. Happy to offer this to you as a free bonus in your first week of enquiring.

Your engagement session is about so much more than having a few nice photos. It is an essential part of the process to getting amazing portraits on your wedding day! It is the rehearsal before the real deal.

If you feel awkward in front of a camera, you are not alone. 99% of my couples say they can't take nice photos. Here's a secret, it takes a solid 20 - 30 minutes of shooting for that feeling to go away.

We chat. I give you some coaching of how I work. Slowly you will take some deep breaths and relax. THEN we can have some fun. The real smiles and laughs will appear and before you know it, the session in done!

When your engagement gallery arrive. You open it and your jaw drops. You are supermodels! Suddenly you are not worried AT ALL about how you will look on your wedding day. Your confidence is sky high.

Now you trust me. Now you can just be in the moment on your wedding day knowing, I've got you. I'll capture all the emotions perfectly.


a timeline of the wedding experience

WANT to know more about me?

I build a relationship of trust and respect with my couples. I ride along with you on an intimate and special time in your life. I need to be your ideal partner too. Get to know me on my socials.