Feel it all over again

Your wedding day happens once. But you can relive it any time you want.

bride and groom dancing

That first kiss. The laughter. The tears. The warmth of a touch. The good goosebumps. Kicking off the shoes at the end of the night and everything in between.



Your journey starts here


Get in contact and let's set up a meet and greet. Your wedding day is an intimate experience. You want to have a person you enjoy the company of. I never a book a couple I haven't met. If you aren't close by we can online. Let's talk about your vision for your wedding day. I explain all the options and come up with a collection that suits your needs. Photography, videography, albums, I offer it all.

Wedding Collections start from $2250



Lock it in


Once we design a collection you love and fits all your needs, we can lock it in with a contract and retainer. I understand I am often booked directly after you have paid a deposit for a venue. If you can't immediately put down 50%, happy to discuss a payment plan that works for you. I only book one wedding per day. Once I'm locked in with you, we always have flexibility to change and upgrade options to your collection.


Your Engagement Session

To shed the awkwardness and nerves

Taking engagement photos is about so much more than having nice pictures. Almost everyone gets a little nervous when taking professional photos. I work with my couples, do a little coaching through the nerves and awkwardness helps you start to feel comfortable and get natural. You will even start to have some fun! Suddenly the smiles are all REAL.

When you get your photos back, you will feel like supermodels. It builds confidence it you. It builds trust in me. Then on your wedding day you can live your day knowing, I've got you. I'll capture all the emotions perfectly.


Want a free engagement session?

Bride and groom dancing


Your Wedding DAY


Live every moment authetically

I help you plan the perfect schedule. We will make sure every stage of your day gets captured to tell (and re-tell) your love story. A wedding day flies by but you are free to be authentically in the moment. I will be by your side quietly clicking away to get all the candid moments. That relationship of trust we have developed between us will pay off as I help the day run smoothly, come what may.

Bride and Groom kissing while guests throw yellow leaves in the air


Your Galleries


Forever remembered

The quality of your photos and videos are all in my hands. I do not out source post production work like many photographers do. When everything is ready to my satisfaction, both the photos and videos are all uploaded to your personal gallery ready for viewing!

You will sit together with a cosy cup of hot chocolate or a nice glass of wine and relive every moment like it's happening all over again. It is all online and easily shareable with your loved ones to see you on the most glorious day of your life.

Photo + Video

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